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WordPress Developer in Chennai
Who is a WordPress Developer?

A person who opted the profession of creating websites using WordPress is commonly called as WordPress Developer.

People think WordPress Developers don’t have knowledge about any programming languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, etc. And it is always considered that WordPress Developers simply use WordPress tool and create websites.

But, real WordPress Developer has great skill and experience in PHP. WordPress development is wholly based on PHP programming, and it involves a thorough understanding of the WordPress core, library and other common practices in order to create remarkable websites.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source, online website creation tool. It is free CMS (content management system) software based on PHP and MYSQL. It also offers free hosting and support.

It includes a plugin architecture and template system which gives simple and flexible interface. It also reduces development time and cost.

It is primarily associated with blogging. But, it also supports traditional mailing lists & forums, media galleries, online stores, etc.

The need of WordPress developer in Chennai

Today everything became digital, so in order to grab the customer attention business owners need to have their own website. Therefore, there is a great demand for website developers all around the world. Chennai is one of the most popular cities has a great demand for web development. And in order to get a quality website in less time and cost WordPress website is the best choice. Hence, there is a greater need for WordPress developers in Chennai.

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